Premarital Therapy


Whether you are engaged or thinking about getting married, pre-marital therapy can be tremendously valuable in helping couples work through some of the relational conflicts that they are facing.  It also is a great way to invest in your relationship by working to create unity and prepare for the challenges that can occur in marriages.  We will discuss whatever topics that are important in your relationship. we will also focus on important relational issues, such as: families of origin, sex, finances, in-laws, ideas of raising a family, parenting styles, etc.

For pre-marital therapy, couples can take a revealing relationship assessment that helps to clarify the similarities and differences between significant others.  This assessment can help name some of the issues that you may already be facing, but it will help to focus the areas where you can work to strengthen your relationship! This assessment is completed by both individuals in Dr. Veltman's office and can be scheduled at your convenience.  

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