In addition to his training as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Veltman holds a master's degree in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary and has been trained in the integration of psychology and spirituality.  This integration can be extremely valuable for Christians and people from other faith backgrounds who are seeking a clearer understanding of the role that one's faith plays in his/her life.  Dr. Veltman also works with individuals who do not wish to focus on spiritual issues in treatment. 

Adolescent Issues 

     Academic Pressures
     Teen dating/sex
     Alcohol and substance use
     Identity Issues (sexuality/transitions)
     Self-harm (cutting, etc.)

Young Adult Concerns

     Difficulties moving back home
     Relationship struggles
     Dating issues
     Identity confusion
     Career struggles 

Relationship Issues

     Marital problems
     Pre-marital counseling
     Dating struggles
     Family conflict/Parent-child conflict
     Sibling conflicts

Anxiety and Mood Disorders

     Bipolar (manic) depression
     Generalized anxiety
     Life stressors (financial, moving, divorce, job changes, etc.)

Men's Issues

     Sexual addiction
     Pornography addiction
     Work-family life balance
     Emotional disconnection

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